Spencer Bradley Spills Her Secrets for Making Him Jealous

You’ve got a crush on a guy, and you want him to notice you as more than just a friend. But no matter how much you flirt or drop hints, he seems oblivious. Spencer Bradley knows how frustrating that can be. In this guide, she dishes on what she’s learned about making a guy jealous to finally get his attention. Her tips might seem a little unconventional at first, but she swears they work. Of course, you don’t want to play too many games or he might lose interest. But with just enough strategic jealousy, Spencer can help you turn that platonic relationship into something more romantic.

Who Is Spencer Bradley?

Spencer Bradley is a relationship expert and dating coach known for her controversial yet effective methods for making men jealous. Her unconventional techniques have garnered both praise and criticism, but her many fans and clients swear by her advice.

Bradley believes jealousy is a powerful tool that, when wielded correctly, can reignite passion and strengthen the emotional connection in a relationship. According to Bradley, “Jealousy shows him you’re desirable and helps him appreciate what he has.” Her strategies range from subtle hints to outright flirtation with other men.

  • Dropping hints about attention from other guys. Comment on how another man complimented you or asked for your number. Keep things vague but imply you have options.
  • Accepting drinks or gifts from interested men. Politely take the free drink or small gift, smile, say thank you and walk away. Your guy will wonder what else happened and see that other men find you appealing.
  • Flirting harmlessly in front of him. Toss your hair, laugh at another man’s jokes or lightly touch his arm. Keep things playful and casual but be sure your man notices. His jealousy will kick in, even if he doesn’t show it.

Bradley cautions that jealousy should be used carefully and ethically. Never lie or do anything to actually hurt your partner. The goal is making them realize your worth, not damaging the relationship. She also warns that jealousy techniques may backfire on insecure or controlling partners, so know your man and how he may react before employing them.

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Spencer Bradley’s unconventional methods have made her a controversial figure, but her devoted fans stand by her belief that “a little jealousy never hurt anyone and often helps in the game of love.” For those willing to take the risk, her jealousy-inducing strategies just may be the secret to reigniting the spark.

The Art of Making Someone Jealous

Making somebody desirous is a precarious game to play, yet when done well, it can stand out. Here are Spencer’s ways to stir up those green-looked at flares of jealousy:

Mention your plans, but keep them vague

Let’s assume you have large designs for the end of the week or are going out with companions, yet don’t give an excessive number of subtleties. Their creative mind will fill in the holes, thinking about what – or who – you’re doing. Allow the secret to assemble expectation.

Post on social media – but not too much

Transferring a relaxed selfie or photograph with companions shows you’re out carrying on with your best life, however don’t go overboard. Post sparingly to keep them guessing and wanting more. Make sure you look extra cute in any photos you do share!

Flirt with others in front of them

When you run into each other in person, don’t be afraid to chat and laugh with other guys. A little innocuous being a tease and lively chitchat causes it to seem like you have choices and works up sensations of envy and rivalry. Yet, don’t take it excessively far, or it might blow up!

Stay busy and don’t always be available

Try not to drop all that the subsequent they call or text. Continue to follow your own advantages and side interests, spending time with your companions, and doing things that fulfill you. Show them that your reality doesn’t spin around them. Individuals need what they can’t have, so make them work for your time and consideration.

Keep an air of mystery

While showing them looks at your intriguing way of life, additionally remain quiet about certain subtleties. Try not to share all that you depend on or all your likely arrangements. Keep them guessing about what really makes you tick and who else could sweep you off your feet. The unknown is intriguing and jealousy inducing!

With the right balance of availability and aloofness, flirtation and secrecy, posting and privacy, you’ll have them craving you and your time in no time. A little jealousy never hurt anyone and will make them realize what they’re missing out on! Play the game right and they’ll be wrapped around your little finger once again.

Is It Healthy to Make Someone Jealous?

While jealousy can be tempting to provoke, especially when you have strong feelings for someone, it’s not the healthiest behavior and can damage trust in relationships.

Making someone jealous to get their attention or make them appreciate you more may seem clever in the moment, but it often backfires. People don’t like feeling manipulated or played with. Your crush or partner will likely see through what you’re doing and resent you for it.

Rather than scheming to trigger jealousy, focus on building closeness through honest communication and quality time together. Express how you feel openly but also give the other person space to be themselves. Forcing unwanted jealousy and drama will only create distance in the long run.

A little light teasing or flirting with others in front of your crush may be fine, but take care not to cross the line into hurtful territory. Pay attention to their reactions and body language. If they seem upset or withdraw from you, it’s a sign you’ve gone too far. Apologize and make things right before permanent damage is done.

Some measure of regular envy might emerge in any relationship every now and then. Be that as it may, deliberately inciting outrageous envy by parading other heartfelt possibilities or lying about your location is dishonest and will dissolve trust.

Instead of plotting to make somebody desirous, form a sound relationship in view of shared care, regard, trustworthiness and correspondence. Center around fortifying your association in certain ways, not through control or head games. Envy ought to never be utilized as a strategy to control somebody or make them want you more.

Eventually, while a little envy could appear to be energizing, a lot of it will at last toxic substance your relationship. Develop trust and closeness through legitimacy all things considered.

Impact on Mental Health

Jealousy and envy can take a major toll on your mental health and well-being. When you go out of your way to make him jealous, it often backfires and makes you feel bad too.

  • Anxiety and stress. Constantly worrying about his reaction and if your tactics are working leads to excess anxiety and stress. This can manifest physically through stomach issues, insomnia, and irritability.
  • Low self-esteem. If you have to resort to manipulative behavior to get his attention, it reflects poorly on your self-worth. You deserve to be with someone who appreciates you for who you are.
  • Depression. Feeling rejected or not good enough when your efforts don’t get the desired reaction can lead to feelings of sadness, hopelessness, and even depression.

Rather than scheming to make him jealous, focus on self-care. Spend time with supportive friends and family, engage in hobbies and activities you enjoy, and do things that boost your confidence from the inside out. If needed, speaking to a therapist or counselor can help gain perspective and strategies for building healthy relationships.

The healthiest relationships are based on mutual trust and respect, not jealousy or control. Make sure any relationship you’re in meets your emotional and psychological needs. Your mental health and happiness should be the priority.

How to Make Spencer Bradley Jealous

Everyone wants to catch the attention of a crush like Spencer Bradley. The best way to get her to notice you is by making her jealous. Here are a few tips to spark her interest:

Hang out with other girls. When Spencer sees you chatting and flirting with other girls, it will drive her crazy. She’ll wish she was the one getting your attention. Make eye contact with Spencer while talking to other girls and flash a quick smile to show you know she’s watching.

Post fun photos with other girls. Upload some new photos to your social media accounts of you and a group of girls having a great time together. Tag the girls in the photos but not Spencer. She won’t be able to resist stalking your accounts and will be dying to know what she’s missing out on.

Talk about your dates with friends. Mention a few recent dates you’ve been on within earshot of Spencer. Describe what a great time you had and how much you’re looking forward to the next date. She’ll be imagining herself in their place before you know it.

Show interest then pull away. Flirt openly with Spencer and give her your full attention. Compliment her and ask her meaningful questions about her life. Once she’s really enjoying the conversation, suddenly become distracted by something else. This hot and cold behavior will drive her mad and leave her wanting more of your attention.

The key is not to overdo it. Use these techniques sparingly for the maximum effect. If done right, Spencer won’t be able to stop thinking about you and will be putty in your hands. Play your cards right and she’ll be the one trying to make you jealous in no time!


Looking your best is one of the most effective ways to make him jealous. When he sees you looking confident and gorgeous, he’ll realize what he’s missing.

Dress to Impress

Slip into that little black dress you know you rock and pair it with some strappy heels for your next night out. Getting dressed up reminds you how great you can look and feel when you make an effort. And if he happens to show up at the same place, he won’t be able to take his eyes off you.

  • Play up your best features. Accentuate your curves or show off your long legs. Apply makeup to highlight your eyes or cheekbones. Release your inner bombshell!
  • Post some casual selfies on social media in flattering outfits when you’re feeling yourself. He’s bound to see them and remember how stunning you are.

New Hair, New You

A fresh hairstyle can do wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. Consider highlights, extensions, or a completely new cut and color. A bold change will make you feel like a whole new woman—and make him realize what he’s lost.

  • Talk to your stylist about a style that complements your face shape and features. A cut that makes you feel sassy and stylish will shine through in your attitude and energy.
  • Be sure to post a selfie showcasing your gorgeous new locks. He won’t be able to help noticing your transformation into an even more vibrant and vivacious woman.

Flaunting an eye-catching new look along with your usual charm and charisma is a recipe for making him burn with jealousy and regret over letting you go. Staying focused on yourself and embracing your inherent beauty and worth will take your mind off him in no time. But know that you have the power to stir his emotions if you choose to!

Social Media Strategy

Posting the right content on social media is key to making your ex jealous. Here are some tips to drive him crazy:

First, show him what he’s missing out on. Post selfies where you’re dressed up for a night out, looking your best. Group shots with friends at a party or event are also great. This shows you have an exciting social life without him.

Casually mention things you’re up to in your stories and posts. For example, “Had the best time checking out that new Italian place downtown tonight!” or “My weekend exploring the hiking trails at the state park was just what I needed.” Keep things light and subtle, but demonstrate you’re living your best life.

Post some photos with attractive new people of the opposite sex. Having fun with members of the opposite gender in your social circle will really get under his skin. But be careful not to take things too far, or it may backfire and make you seem unavailable or uninterested to potential new partners.

Most of all, maintain your usual posting habits. Don’t suddenly become inactive on social media or drastically change how often you post. Continue sharing a mix of life updates, things you find interesting, and interactions with friends and family like you normally would. Acting completely indifferent is the strategy most likely to work.

While I do not recommend doing anything dangerous, unethical or illegal, using social media to make an ex jealous can be an empowering experience. Have fun with it, but also remember your self-worth isn’t defined by what others think of you. Focus on surrounding yourself with people who love and support you.

Flirting with Other People

When you want to make your ex jealous, one of the most effective techniques is flirting with other people, especially those he knows. Casually chatting up his friends or shooting some of his coworkers your most charming smile will drive him nuts.

  • Start conversations with his friends when you run into them. Give them your full attention and touch their arm or laugh at their jokes. Your ex will undoubtedly hear about it and his imagination will run wild.
  • Compliment his colleagues or classmates and ask them lots of questions about themselves. People love talking about themselves, and your interest will make them feel good and relay the details to your ex.
  • Get cozy with people he sees often, like those at his gym or coffee shop. Strike up an engaging dialogue and be your most captivating self. His jealousy will skyrocket knowing you’re slipping into his regular spots and cozying up to familiar faces.
  • Post photos with other guys on social media. Upload some shots of you looking gorgeous with a few attractive men. Don’t be too obnoxious, but appearing chummy in a few pics will make his blood boil.
  • Go out with friends to places he frequents. Enjoy some cocktails and dancing with your squad at his favorite bar or club. When he sees you in your element, laughing and mingling with others, his longing for you will intensify big time.

The key is making sure your ex catches wind of your flirtatious escapades and new connections. While you’re having fun and boosting your confidence, he’ll be stewing in regret for letting you go. The jealousy you spark will remind him of the strong pull between you and may just convince him to come back, begging for another chance.

Alternatives to Making Someone Jealous

Rather than resorting to manipulative tactics like making him jealous, focus on bettering yourself and embracing your independence.

Build your confidence from within

Don’t base your self-worth on what some guy thinks of you. Seek after your inclinations and take part in leisure activities that cause you to feel cheerful and satisfied. Take a class on something you’ve without exception needed to learn, join a nearby games association, volunteer for a genuine goal, whatever starts your energy. Acquiring authority and reason will support your certainty and confidence from the inside.

Spend time with your support network

Make arrangements to see loved ones who love and backing you. Allow them to help you to remember your most desirable characteristics all you bring to the table. Rest on them while you’re feeling low and need a jolt of energy. Encircling yourself with your clan will assist with moving your brain based on what’s missing sincerely to the significant connections currently in your life.

Focus on self-care

Make sure to schedule in time for yourself to rest, recharge and reset. Things like exercising, journaling, yoga, or meditation are all great ways to release pent up emotions and find your center again. Staying in tune with your needs will make you feel balanced and better equipped to deal with relationship ups and downs.

Rather than scheming to make him jealous, choose the high road. Build your confidence and independence, connect with your support network, and focus on self-care. In the end, you will feel empowered and at peace with yourself – and that will make you irresistible to the right person, when the time is right.


So there you have it. Spencer’s tips and tricks for making your guy jealous. Use these with caution and understand that jealousy is a very tricky game to play. The most important relationship advice is to communicate openly and honestly with your partner about your needs. If you sense things getting out of hand, talk it through or seek outside help. The goal is a healthy partnership built on trust and understanding. What works for Spencer and her drama-filled relationships won’t necessarily work for you. Take her advice with a grain of salt!

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